15% Discount on Consultations

Consultations are important because they save you money with ongoing Telecommunication expences. Our consultations can be used by any installer and there is no obligation to use Allcom Telecom & Data Ltd. Call us now. Mention this coupon when you book your consultation.


Allcoms rates are competitive, for example, we know of other Telecommunication companies that charge up to 50% per hr more than us plus travel.

We provide fixed price work or charge by the hour (COD for non account holders.  Re-invoice rates for late payment are $ 10 per hour extra and 10% extra on parts):-

Telephone Work

Commercial, residential and all P.A.B.X / data work within area.

We have a 1 hour minimum plus travel.

Travel is determined on your location but is usually $50 & gst within Auckland city

Most residential work takes no more than 1hr and we quite often are able to do 2 Phone points in an hour

$40.00 per 15 minutes travel to site outside our usual work zone

Our hourly rate is flexible and is determined by the size of  job contracted for (+ GST)

The minimum charge of 1 hour on site is standard but after the first hour we charge in quarter hour segments if needed.

Please ring 0800 48 88 88 for the hourly rate on your job.